The Project

Showcasing Australian Dance and the incredible talents that make up the sum of its parts. Set in iconic Australian landscapes, streetscapes and architectural settings, dance companies from around Australia are captured in diverse environments. The seed of the idea came from photographer Ralph Alphonso’s interest in form and the way that lighting is intrinsically linked to the representation of what is captured on film.

The exploration of the culture of dance, it’s diversity and sense of place within the Australian landscape and culture – capturing modernity, a sense of history and the beauty of the natural environment lies at the heart of this project. The essence of our country is celebrated in the imagery with the fusion of acclaimed Australian dance companies and iconic Australian locations.

The project pays homage to the artistic roots of dance in this country and it’s origins. A collaboration of this kind draws together the passion, skills and talents of many creative individuals. Without their commitment and vision for the project, the fruition of this idea would not be possible.

We acknowledge the generosity of the dance companies, their dancers and artistic contributors to embrace this endeavour as a showcase of their incredible work.