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The best of Australia – from those who know Australia best. Australian Geographic (AG) has been this nation’s foremost geographical destination magazine for more than two decades. It’s an Australian icon with a massive readership and circulation. It captures the essence and spirit of Australia through its meticulously crafted and beautifully presented stories and photography. The magazine strives to inspire and to educate, connecting readers to Australian landscapes, plants and animals, science, industry and people.

Australian Geographic  would  be  delighted  to  publish  print  and   on-­line  stories  about  your  wonderful  Australian  Dance  Forms  &  Scapes  project.  From  our  perspective,  the  project  falls  under  the  broad  heading  of  “cultural  geography”  and  the  editorial  team  and  I  think the combination of performing artist and landscape will have great resonance with Australian Geographic  Society  members,  and  very  likely  a  wider  public  audience.”

Ian  Connellan
Editor-in-chief, Australian Geographic