Graphic Designer

Dellano Pereira

Dellano Pereira, Creative Director and Principal of Three60 (based in Melbourne), will partner with the project photographer, Ralph Alphonso to bring the vision of the book to life.

Three60 is internationally recognised and is one of Australia’s highly decorated creative firms. Testament to this, are the numerous international and local awards the studio has won. Dellano’s work has been featured in numerous global design publications and design blogs – authoritative voices for the international design community. Of particular interest to this project is Dellano’s extensive experience working with avant-garde and luxury fashion brands, creatively directing and producing stunning photographic imagery. Dellano has an authentic approach to each brief that seeks to push traditional boundaries to deliver truly innovative creative responses for his clients.

Dellano will bring to this project a disciplined approach to communicate the brand of ‘Australian Dance’ imbued with a contemporary and fashionable aesthetic of an international calibre that he has become renowned for.